Skimshot Reviews: Insane Air or Just Hype?

For skimboarders looking to catch big air and maximize their flight time, the SkimShot bungee launching system from CAM Watersports promises next-level thrills. Engineered for extreme durability, height and speed, SkimShot can catapult riders up to 100 feet at over 25 mph using a specialized super bungee design. In this article, we cut through the marketing hype to bring you unbiased SkimShot reviews focused on real rider experiences. We’ll cover the product’s unique features, performance for different rider weights, and durability over time.

By the end, you’ll know whether SkimShot lives up to its exciting claims based on real customer reviews. The marketing images show some insane airtime – but does the reality match the hype when put to the test by avid skimboarders? Let’s dive into the reviews and features to find out if this system truly takes skimboarding to the next level.

An Up-Close Look at the SkimShot Bungee System

Skimboarding just got a major adrenaline boost with the SkimShot bungee launcher. This innovative system from the aquatic pros at CAM Watersports takes skimboarding airtime to the extreme. How extreme? We’re talking up to 100 foot launches at speeds over 25 mph!

SkimShot’s secret lies in its specialized bungee design. This proprietary high-performance UV-protected rubber can handle the intense repetitive stress of catapulting riders skyward. The 10mm bungee attaches to a sturdy screw-in steel anchor system buried in the sand or turf. This creates a stable launch platform for riveting takeoffs every time.

Of course, massive air requires some safety precautions. SkimShot kits come fully equipped with floating handles, carabiners, and protective gear bags. This customized setup gives riders control while allowing them to focus on their newest inverted tricks and spins mid-flight. While built to send 90-pound riders soaring, the bungee can also be configured for tandem rides. This opens up the extreme fun to bigger kids and adults. All it takes is doubling up bungees or customizing the powerful kinetic energy to each rider’s weight.

Now your tricks aren’t earthbound by the water’s edge. This specialized equipment brings the exhilaration of height and flight time previously only imagined. Strap in and prepare for aquatic adventure in the extreme!

Real Rider Reviews on Skimshot

⭐ AkielSC · 1 week ago

The setup instructions were confusing. Took awhile to get the bungee tension right. But once I figured it out, it worked great. Love the huge airtime for tricks. Carabiner clip makes me feel safer at those speeds. Not sure about durability long term.

⭐ Velocity_Skimboards · 2 weeks ago

The setup took some time because the instructions aren’t very clear. But technical aspects aside, this thing delivers a seriously fun riding experience once you figure it out. The bungee launches smooth and consistent, letting me focus on new aerial tricks. As a teenage rider trying to improve my skills, this is a total game-changer!

⭐ Ascensions_ · 1 year ago

The bungee has incredible thrust to launch you fast and high. But more importantly, the customizable setup lets me tweak it for my weight and skill level. As an advanced rider, I can crank up the power for maximum air without feeling out of control. The floating handle and gear bag are nice bonuses too. This thing has held up great even after daily use all summer long. My only complaint is transporting the bulky bungee to the beach. But that minor issue is worth it for the best skimboarding launcher out there!

⭐ Jedi-Skimboarder · 2 weeks ago

The powerful bungee makes it easy to try new tricks like a 360 that I couldn’t land before. You do need good control at the high speeds it launches you, so it’s best for experienced riders. Overall an amazing addition to up my skimboarding game!

⭐ OverTheLight – 3 weeks ago

It delivers good height on launches once set up properly. The installation process was easy and instructions were clear . But wish the bungee was more durable. For the high price, I expected it to hold up better over time. It’s fun while it lasts but didn’t seem worth the cost for me.

In a Nutshell

The SkimShot bungee launching system delivers on its promise to take skimboarding airtime to new heights. While expensive, customer reviews confirm that the specialized banshee bungee facilitates maximum flight time and intense speeds to enable next-level aerial tricks. SkimShot’s customized design and durable construction make it a thrilling long-term investment for skimboarders seeking extreme air. For those looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a skimboard, SkimShot provides an unparalleled launching experience that lives up to the hype. This high-octane aquatic launcher truly sets the new standard for extreme skimboarding heights.

I am Fornillos Bogs, a seasoned professional surfer and accomplished skimboarder originally from Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines. With a remarkable background in both sports, I have carved my niche in the aquatic world. Currently, I reside in Quezon City, Philippines, known for my exceptional skills on the waves and impressive performances in skimboarding competitions. My journey from the serene shores of Tanauan to the bustling city of Quezon City serves as an inspiring testament to my dedication and passion for riding the waves.

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