Best 5 Skimboard Traction Pads in 2024 | The Ultimate Guide

Skimboarding requires the right equipment to ensure you get the best out of your experience. One crucial accessory in this lineup is the traction pad. Comparable to a surfboard’s tail pad, a skimboard traction pad ensures you don’t find yourself inadvertently sliding off your board, akin to trying to maintain your balance. Though traction pads for skimboards share similarities with surfboard traction pads, they’re tailored to the needs of the skimboarding community. Their purpose? To give the rider unparalleled control and grip as they navigate the water’s edge, allowing for better performance, turns, and tricks.

Skimboard Traction Pads

If you’ve been relying solely on wax for grip, it might be time to reconsider. Traction pads, especially those of high quality, provide consistent and lasting grip, ensuring that you maintain control even in the trickiest of conditions. As with any sport, having the right equipment makes all the difference. The search for the best skimboard traction pad, tailored to your needs, is a journey worth embarking on.

Quick Peek: Our Top 5 Skimboard Traction Pads!

SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad

SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad

  • Introducing the SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad – a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship for unparalleled grip and stability as you ride the waves.
Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

  • Experience the Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad – a harmonious blend of control, durability, and style that elevates your surf sessions.
Dakine John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad

Dakine John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad

  • Experience the Dakine John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad – a masterpiece of grip and elegance co-created for seamless wave mastery.
Surf Squared Tractions Pad

Surf Squared Tractions Pad

  • Experience innovation with Surf Squared’s skimboard traction pads – where creativity, stability, and personal flair converge in every ride.
<strong>Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad</strong>

Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad

  • Immerse in surf perfection: Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pads. Crafted for precision and style, they redefine your wave-riding connection.

5 Features to Consider While Selecting the Perfect Skimboard Traction Pad

Material and Endurance

The substance composing the skimboard’s traction pad plays an indispensable role in its performance and lifespan. The majority of traction pads are crafted from premium EVA foam, complemented by adhesive backing. This fusion not only promises remarkable grip and comfort but also guarantees a steadfast bond with the board. When making your selection, prioritize materials known for their resilience, capable of withstanding the demands of incessant usage and exposure to water.

Design and Grasp Pattern

The key to a great traction pad for water lies in its design and grip pattern. Choose a pad with a well-crafted grip pattern that ensures strong traction, even in wet conditions. Some pads even feature added elements like arch bars or tail kicks, enhancing control for tricks and maneuvers. Find a design that suits your style, adding a unique touch to your board.

Size and Contour

Syncing the proportions of the traction pad with your skimboard is paramount to ensure comprehensive coverage. A well-fitted pad facilitates comfortable foot placement and seamless transitions during rides. Deliberate on your stance and foot positioning when determining the most fitting pad size and contour, enabling you to fine-tune your skimboarding escapades.

Thickness and Comfort

Direct your attention to both the pad’s thickness and overall comfort. Although a thicker pad might confer heightened cushioning and support, some riders lean towards a thinner counterpart for a more immediate connection with the board. Opt for a thickness that aligns with your comfort inclinations, allowing effortless adjustments during maneuvers.

Simplicity of Application

Factor in the straightforwardness of the application process when settling on a traction pad. Certain pads arrive equipped with user-friendly adhesive backing or comprehensive installation guidelines, streamlining the process of affixing the pad securely to your skimboard. Prioritize pads that pledge an uncomplicated installation procedure, expediting the setup and propelling you onto the water swiftly.

The choice of your skimboard traction pad possesses the potential to substantially elevate your experience, optimizing performance while contributing to the board’s resilience over time.

Discover the Top Traction Pads for Your Skimboard

Within this scroll, we unravel a curated selection of the utmost finest traction pads, each a masterpiece in its own right, designed to redefine your relationship with skimboarding. 

SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad

Enhance your surfing experience with the SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad. Designed for fish and alternative-shaped boards, this 3-piece pad offers a secure grip for your back foot, ensuring you surf harder, faster, and stronger. Its custom-made grooves and soft EVA foam provide excellent grip in both cold and warm water, without causing discomfort to your knees. The premium 3M adhesive ensures a lasting bond to your board. Choose from various styles and colors to suit your preference and style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, SYMPL helps you ride your best by adding reliable grip to your board.


  • – Versatile for Different Riding Styles
  • – Meticulously Designed Grip Pattern
  • – Premium EVA Foam Construction


  • Compatibility with Some Board Styles
  • Installation Challenges
  • With frequent aggressive use, the pad might wear out more quickly.

Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

Ho Stevie Surfboard Traction Pad

Experience the difference with the Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad. This full-size 3-piece pad offers super grip while being gentle on your knees, making it perfect for boardshorts surfing. The powerful 3M adhesive ensures the pad stays in place, and its size can be adjusted for a wider grip on your tail. Trust in the quality of Ho Stevie! products to provide a superior surfing experience with maximum stickiness and durability.


  • – Versatile grip pattern for control and stability
  • – Easy installation with adhesive backing
  • – High-quality EVA foam for durability


  • – Some riders may prefer a thicker pad
  •     Limited design choices

Dakine John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad

Dakine John Surf Traction Pad

Elevate your performance with the Dakine John Florence Pro Surf Traction Pad from the JJF Collection. Crafted in collaboration with renowned surfer John John Florence, this five-piece pad is designed for his specific dimensions and riding style. The 25mm vertical tail wedge, hand sculpted by John, ensures optimal form and reduced drag. With a perforated surface for water flow and eco-friendly packaging, this pad reflects John’s dedication to both performance and environmental responsibility.


  • – Designed in collaboration with a pro surfer
  • – Multi-grid grip pattern for precise control
  • Comfortable EVA foam Construction


  • – Premium price point
  • – May not suit all riding styles

Surf Squared Tractions Pad

Surf Squared traction pads

Leave messy surf wax behind and embrace the Surf Squared Traction Pad. Designed to offer pro-level performance, this pad transforms your board’s tail into a diamond grip sweet spot, boosting your confidence while riding. The tech tail kick and beveled edges reduce falls and increase speed. Suitable for various boards, this grip pad comes with a strong 3M adhesive, and the creators stand behind their product with a glue guarantee. Made by surfers for surfers, Surf Squared has you covered.


  • – Innovative grip patterns for various riding styles
  • – Durable EVA foam Material
  • Customizable designs for personalization


  • – Limited brand recognition
  • -Less color options compared to other brands.

Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pad

Shaka Pro EVA Traction Pads

Unleash your potential with the Shaka Pro EVA Surfboard Traction Pads. This 7-piece set is tailored for performance, with a 25mm beveled kicker for enhanced drive and a middle arch bar for secure foot positioning. Made from lightweight EVA foam, the diamond groove texture offers a comfortable yet firm grip. The precisely cut holes add style, lightness, and further grip. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, Shaka Pro ensures your satisfaction and confidence on the waves.


  • The engineered traction pattern ensures exceptional grip
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Made from high-quality EVA foam


  • Frequent intense usage might lead to faster wear and tear.
  • These pads tend to be higher-priced compared to generic alternatives.
  • Over time, adhesive effectiveness might diminish

Installing Your Skimboard Traction Pad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of installing your skimboard traction pad. It’s a simple process that demands a pinch of prep and a dash of attention. Follow these straightforward steps for a secure and efficient installation:

  • Clean the Surface: Start by giving your skimboard’s surface a thorough clean where the traction pad will snugly settle. Mild soap and water are your go-to duo for bidding adieu to dirt, wax, or any lurking debris that might mess with the adhesive’s game.
  • Dry the Board: Before getting down to business, ensure your board’s surface is as dry as a bone. A dry canvas makes sure that adhesive clings onto the board like your trusty buddy, avoiding any pesky peeling or slippery escapades.
  • Position the Traction Pad: Gently lay your traction pad onto the board, making sure it shakes hands with your foot placement and stance preference. Take your sweet time to find that oh-so-perfect spot that feels cozy and snug for your skimboarding groove.
  • Peel off the Backing: Once the pad is where you want it to be, start peeling off that adhesive’s secret identity. Mind your fingers – no oily touchy-touchy! Oils can play games with stickiness, and we want this grip to be legit.
  • Apply Firm Pressure: As you peel, press. Yep, you heard right. Push that traction pad onto the board with some gusto. Start from the pad’s heart and work your way to the edges. It’s like giving your board a reassuring pat.
  • Check for Bubbles: Now’s the moment to do a bubble check. No, not the soap kind. Look out for sneaky air bubbles or wrinkles lurking under the pad. If you spot any, a gentle lift and reapply do the trick – smooth sailing, my friend.
  • Allow Time to Set: Here’s the waiting game. Let the adhesive and the board bond like old pals. Give it at least 24 hours before you take your skimboard for a spin in the water. It’s like letting flavors meld in a stew – patience, patience.

Properly installing your skimboard traction pad ensures it stands its ground, delivering the grip and control you need for a thrill-packed skimboarding adventure. Take your time with the installation process and follow these steps like a seasoned pro for peak performance out on the water.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the final curtain call. Skimboard traction pads, an essential sidekick for anyone hungry to level up their ride. These pads dish out the grip and steadiness you need to conquer tricks and twists with unflinching confidence. When you’re in the market for a traction pad, think about the basics: what it’s made of, how it looks, and if it fits like your favorite pair of sneakers. Keep it simple, no need to get tangled in the web of complexities. A quick tip – give your pad a good once-over every now and then. Cleanliness and a little TLC keep it in the game, extending its life and guaranteeing a stream of thrilling skimboarding escapades. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the green twist. Consider the planet-friendly options out there – a small move that makes a big difference. Being kind to the Earth while riding those waves? Now that’s a win-win. So, fellow riders, grab that perfect pad, give your board some love, and get ready to ride like a champ. With the right gear and a dash of care, those waves won’t know what hit ’em.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you use traction pads on foam skimboards?

Yes, traction pads can be used on foam skimboards, providing enhanced grip and control for riders of all levels on these beginner-friendly boards.

Can you put traction pads on a wooden skimboard?

Yes, you can put traction pads on a wooden skimboard, as they add grip and stability to these durable boards, improving the overall skimboarding experience.

What kind of maintenance is required for traction pads?

To maintain traction pad performance, regularly clean them with mild soap and water, avoid excessive heat exposure, and check for signs of wear to ensure optimal grip and control while skimboarding.

Are skimboard traction pads necessary for beginners?

While beginners can learn the basics without a traction pad, using one provides essential grip and stability, making the learning process smoother and safer.

Can I use surfboard wax as an alternative to traction pads?

Surfboard wax can provide some grip, but it’s not a reliable alternative to traction pads, especially during more advanced maneuvers.

How often should I replace my traction pad?

The replacement frequency depends on usage and care. High-quality pads can last for multiple seasons, but if you notice significant wear or loss of grip, consider replacing it.

What should I do if my traction pad loses its grip?

If your traction pad loses its grip, try cleaning it thoroughly with mild soap and water. If the grip doesn’t improve, it may be time to replace the pad.

What are skimboard traction pads made of?

Skimboard traction pads are typically made of high-quality EVA foam, which offers excellent grip, durability, and comfort, ensuring a reliable connection to the board.

I am Fornillos Bogs, a seasoned professional surfer and accomplished skimboarder originally from Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines. With a remarkable background in both sports, I have carved my niche in the aquatic world. Currently, I reside in Quezon City, Philippines, known for my exceptional skills on the waves and impressive performances in skimboarding competitions. My journey from the serene shores of Tanauan to the bustling city of Quezon City serves as an inspiring testament to my dedication and passion for riding the waves.

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